Puget Sound’s Fresh Waters

CELP INVOLVED IN THE GOVERNOR’S PUGET SOUND PARTNERSHIP.  Several months ago Governor Gregoire recruited some Washington water policy experts to join the Puget Sound Partnership (“PSP”) to make recommendations on a comprehensive effort to integrate the work of local, state and federal governments with private sector and citizen efforts to protect and restore the Sound. 

“I am charging the Puget Sound Partnership with the task of engaging a broad cross-section of agencies, tribes and the public to develop recommendations for me, the Legislature and Congress for preserving the health, goods and ecosystem services of Puget Sound, and to help educate and enlist the public in achieving recovery of the Sound by 2020,” Gregoire said. 

The Governor wants a sustainable Puget Sound by 2020.  She has said that we must do a better job at engaging the public regarding conservation and recovery of salmon. You can make a difference in Washington water management. 

To get involved, you can attend any of the Partnership meetings which are open to the public and listed on their website.  Also, you may write to the Partnership at: Puget Sound Partnership, c/o Puget Sound Action Team, P.O. Box 40900, Olympia, WA 98504-0900 on the importance of metering Washington watersheds, recording the data from the meters in a database so that instream flows can be established and maintained, stopping illegal water use, and implementing water conservation programs and the public trust doctrine. 

                CELP Involved in Governor's Puget Sound Partnership

                CELP Comments on Seattle Public Utility's Draft 2007 Water System Plan

                CELP Participates in the Central Puget Sound Municipal Water Demand     Forecast and Supply Assessment


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