CELP was founded in 1993 to serve as a voice for the public interest water resource management and preservation in Washington state. CELP is the only "water watchdog" advocacy organization dedicated solely to protecting Washington’s rivers and streams. Originally affiliated with the University of Washington School of Law, CELP established itself as an organization independent of the University and gained tax-exempt status in May 1996.

In our history, we have made substantial progress toward the protection and restoration of Washington's water resources. CELP's Board of Directors is composed of public interest attorneys, flyfishers, and environmental advocates. Our members and volunteers are as diverse as the waters of Washington State; they are devoted flyfishers, activists, farmers, academics, scientists, and others like you. Together, our members are the backbone of CELP!

Redband Trout. 


About CELP

Suzanne Skinner

Executive Director

Sandhill Cranes with moon, Crab Creek.   (Kathy Admire photo)

Spokane Falls.  (John Osborn photo)

Salmon. (John Osborn photo)


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