Professor Johnson’s legacy lives on through his legal writings and influence in American jurisprudence, his students, and his family.  He founded the Center for Environmental Law and Policy to promote the public trust in water resources.  Johnson also profoundly influenced Indian law in the United States, and founded the Native American Law Center at the University of Washington.

This section provides two dedications authored by David Getches and Rachael Paschal Osborn, published in the Washington Law Review and the University of Denver Water Law Review, respectively.

To honor Ralph W. Johnson  and those who carry on his work in protecting the public’s waters, CELP gives the Water Hero Award in his name.


Ralph and Anne Johnson


RWJ dedication
   David Getches
RWJ dedication
   Rachael Paschal Osborn

Ralph W. Johnson
Water Hero Awards

~ Rachael Paschal Osborn
~ Benella Caminiti
~ Nancy Rust
~ Mickey Gendler
~ Harriet Bullitt
~ Russell Busch

Watershed Heroes

Mary Verner (2012)
Deb Abrahamson (2012)

- Dick Rivers, MD (2011)

-  Stan Miller (2010)
-  Ken Lustig (2010)
-  Scott Chaney (Citizen Hero 2010)
-  Michael Pickering (Citizen Hero 2010)

Buell & Donna Hollister (2009)
Jane Cunningham & Julian Powers (2009)

Cherie Rodgers (2008)


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