CELP’s  Water Programs

CELP works to protect and restore the fresh water resources – the rivers and aquifers – of western Washington and the Columbia River watershed.  We believe that the use of freshwater resources must be guided by concepts of the public trust (protecting water for the common good) and the precautionary principle (avoiding irreversible commitments in the face of scientific uncertainty).   

CELP fulfills its mission via four goals, to

•Promote reform of western water law to benefit the public interest.

•Advocate for the use of sound science and sustainable economics in water resource management decisions.

•Seek environmentally sound solutions to the problems of climate change.

•Educate the public and public officials about water resource issues. 

To fulfill our mission, CELP works through five programs:

•Restoring Rivers

•Water Rights & the Public Interest

•Columbia River Watershed

•   Governmental Affairs

•Water Vision for the Future

We accomplish our work through public education and outreach, policy research, and our longstanding “water watchdog” advocacy, including litigation.  CELP offers workshops and resource materials, along with direct assistance, to local organizations.  If you are grappling with a water resource problem in your watershed, please contact us and we may be able to help.


  Center for

  Environmental Law & Policy

  Our Water Programs

•   Restoring Rivers
•   Water Rights
•   Columbia Watershed
•   Governmental Affairs
•   Water Future

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